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If you want a time out from the hustle and bustle from work and the city life, here’s the right place for you💖. A place close to nature in the coziness of the traditional bamboo rest house with an astonishing overlooking view💖.

Valdez G.

It was a great experience to be here in YLAY! Wow! grabe ka nindot! From amenities, cold breeze and accommodating personnel. It was all worth it! 💖We would like to thank ma'am Zara for inviting us to come and visit the one and only YLAY. It was an honor and priveleged.

Von Jomar P.

"Comfortable stay during our time there YLAY Highly recommended for anyone seeking a peaceful retreat in nature's embrace! Pwede for family, barkada and more group-bonding. Anykind of celebrations also. Approchable sad kaayo mga tao sa resort. Thank you sa success bday sakong anak yesterday."

Nora Lyn

“Salamat Ylay nice kaayo inyo place mka relax kaayo and grabe ka accommodating inyo mga tao. If gusto ug nature vibes dri jud mo 😁😁 barato pajud sya ay!”

Jam M.

💯 jud nako ni sila irecommend! Aside from it being a perfect venue for this kind of celebration, how they handle their social media accounts in entertaining their customers is really commendable! Like literally every step from inquiry taman after sa event, my goodness! Taas kaykog standard jud pero amazing kaayo sila! 😍 gigaan pajud kog cake. 🥹 Thank you so much, Ma'am Zharah Ambalong and to your staff for the huge help jud! Will definitely book again soon! 😍.

Sean D.

"Revel in the beauty of nature 🍃"

Michellyn V.

The venue is open for dine in and over night with free breakfast. Ang ganda ng sunset dito...

Fatima B.

Feels like in Bali 💖.

Clint L.

Work remotely @Ylay Hotel Resort. Relaxing place to be with friends and family.

Christine T.

Happiness is a spontaneous dinner with your special someone🥰, Thank you sa lamian nga dinner YLAY. 💎

Niko S.

Thank you so much YLAY. We enjoyed our stay! Staff was very kind, approachable, and accommodating. Will definitely visit your place again🥰

Jizza Mae Z.

Very nice place for relaxation

Jofel D.