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"YLAY" - a Meranaw term for VIEW in English and LANTAW in Bisaya.

A lecture is conducted inside Ylay's Function hall with their LCD projector

This is not your usual function room in a closed air conditioned space in a city building. Here at YLAY, you enjoy your seminars, parties and other functions with the comfort and sight of nature! Now we offer free coffee, juice and mineral water. Message us for inquiries and bookings!


Lily Gazebo for functions and events starts at 3,500 for 8hrs usage.
This function hall can accommodate 50 pax maximum for small-medium events.

Discover the Unique Features of Ylay Function Hall in Iligan City Apart from the Rest

When it comes to hosting events or special occasions Ylay function hall in Iligan City, is one of the key factors that can make or break the experience of the ambiance and unique design of the function hall which has a special and welcoming setting that most perfectly captures the spirit of celebration. Choosing the right venue is only one aspect of creating an unforgettable atmosphere; other factors that combine to produce a lasting impact on guests must also be carefully considered.

It gives honor to the Philippine’s cultural heritage and was mostly constructed using materials that were available locally, such as wood, bamboo, and nipa palm. You are immediately surrounded by an atmosphere that takes you far from the noise of city life as soon as you enter the grounds of Ylay. The appropriate lighting design can make any function hall in Iligan City into an engaging venue, from soft, warm lighting for private gatherings to brilliant, dynamic lighting for high-energy events.

The architectural style of the hall, which is defined by its use of locally produced materials, is a display of the expertise of Filipino artisans who expertly tapped into the natural beauty of wood and bamboo to create an atmosphere that emits warmth and charm. Due to the open design of the hall, guests can interact with nature while celebrating life’s important occasions. A unique feeling that refreshes the soul is created by the interaction of sunshine filtering through bamboo walls, the soft flapping of leaves in the mountain, and the calming aroma of nipa thatch. The natural materials not only provide a natural and primitive atmosphere but also offer a relaxing environment that goes well with any theme or decorating. In the comfortable embrace of nature, picture saying your vows beneath a bamboo canopy or dancing the night away beneath a starlit sky.

At Ylay Function Hall, the attention to detail goes beyond its architecture. The team is dedicated to making each event successful and memorable. From the delicious culinary offerings that showcase local flavors and that reflect the beauty of the surroundings, every element is carefully chosen to create an unforgettable celebration. Additionally, Ylay Function Hall’s dedication to sustainability is in line with the public’s rising enthusiasm for environmentally friendly alternatives. In a world where modernity often overshadows cultural authenticity, It stands as a sanctuary where tradition and nature intertwine harmoniously. It is not only a place to gather; it is a symbol of both the serene charm of nature and the timeless beauty of Filipino craftsmanship. Whether you seek a place to celebrate life’s milestones or simply a serene retreat, Ylay Function Hall beckons you to immerse yourself in its enchanting embrace, where every celebration becomes a cherished memory etched in the heart

“Salamat Ylay nice kaayo inyo place mka relax kaayo and grabe ka accommodating inyo mga tao. If gusto ug nature vibes dri jud mo 😁😁 barato pajud sya ay!”

Jam M.

Empty seats inside Ylay's Function Hall
Balloon setup in Ylay's Function Hall for Baby Christening.
Front view of Ylay Function Hall in Iligan City
Image by Pinay Arkitek